iOS Studio remote capabilities

The Audirvāna Studio compatible iOS Remote app is now available for all of your Apple devices as a free update of the existing Remote app.

Please note that some features of the 3.5 remote are not ready for the moment with the Studio version but they will be added in the coming weeks:

  • sorting criteria
  • filter criteria

The sorting and filter criteria can then can’t be changed in the Studio Remote but only in Studio on your Windows 10/MacOS computer.


Wonderful! I hope everyone will chill now. Software development is more complicated than most realize and thank you for this initial update and upcoming ones.


What does this mean for 3.5 users? we lose the usefulness of the remote?

This paragraph refers to Studio version of the Remote, the 3.5 version stays the same as before.

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Thank you.

I just had a first look to the remote. It seems way more pleasant and well done than the previous one.
May I suggest that an APPLE TV version would be a serious a wonderfull innovation.

Works well, thank you for the update.

Thank you very much the new Remote works very well, problems I had with the previous version disappeared, a happy man here!

wishlist item: being able to read the pdf of the booklet on the Remote f.i. to follow texts etc.

You already can if the booklet is inside the same folder than the album. Top right on the picture.

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Thx! I will try this out

本日iPadにAudirvāna remoteの接続を試しましたが、接続出来ない状態です。
PCはwindows proです。
同じ状態で3.5はokでstudio がNGな理由を教えて下さい。

does the remote for Audirvana studio support browsing by composer ?

With Audirvana 3.5, it does not work.

@Antoine is there anyway to listen to audio through the iOS remote app? I realize it wouldn’t be “bit-perfect” or whatever, but it would be a nice feature… especially at night or when you are in the other room.

Yes Alain you were right, I had overlooked it totally, thx!

You are Welcome !