iPad Pro as streamer instead of laptop?

Hi there, is it possible to use and IPad Pro as a streamer instead of a Mac or Windows laptop? I have a long USB c to b cable connected to my DAC, so I have everything wired. I’m not sure if you can download the software and run it properly. The latest IPad Pro has sufficient technical requirements to run Audirvana, but it seems everyone is using iPhones and iPads only for the remote control.



Hello @NLDONG09, the problem here is that Apple use IPadOS on the IPad Pro and not MacOS on it. Audirvana is only available on MacOS and Windows 10, this is why you can’t install it on your iPadPro. Maybe it will change after going on ARM chip for Mac but it will not be available until 2022.

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Are you planning to adapt Audirvana to the new iPad Pro, which includes an M1 processor?

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