iPad Remote

I had Audirvana 3.5 running on a mid-2011 Mac mini, which died, and now have it running on a new M1 Mac mini. Because the software simply stops playing music from time to time, I’m looking for new software. The other reason I’m looking for new software is that I HATE the remote app that runs on my iPad. The original iPad remote was so much better. Now, I have toggle between two screens to get the information that used to be available on a single screen with the old remote. In fact, much of the metadata that I used to get is no longer available on the new remote because the artwork takes up too much of the screen.

I am willing to try Audirvana Origin, but am wondering whether its iPad remote app is the same one currently available to those of us using Audirvana 3.5. I don’t see any new apps in Apple’s App Store. Thanks.

I don’t know about the iPad, but the remote of Audirvana 3.5 on iPhone is way better then the one on Origin or Studio version…

I can’t believe that it is the same remote version but on Origin or Studio we don’t even have access to the basic version that was on audirvana 3.5 :disappointed:

Interesting! Does the new remote come with Origin (that is, without having go to the App Store)?

It is the same remote, yes you have to download it from app store, but if you use it with origin or studio, you don’t have access to what is on the same remote with version 3.5

Strange choice again from the company!?!

Even more interesting! Perhaps less will be more. It doesn’t cost anything, except some time, to try it. Thanks.

If you have Audirvana 3.5 and Studio or Origin like me, you will see the difference you get with the same remote…

Several minutes ago, I tried to download the trial version of Origin but inadvertently downloaded the trial version of Studio instead. Because you said that the remote app works the same way with both versions, I didn’t care about my mistake.

Yes, the iPad app clearly works differently from Audirvana 3.5. In my opinion, it works better in that the information, such as it is, appears on one screen. For example, I can see the song’s metadata and play time remaining. However, the iPad app still needs work regarding metadata. For example, when I played the first album, I saw the names of the composer and lyricist of the first song, but the app shows the same team for every song on the album, which is incorrect. It also showed the album’s genre, which doesn’t interest me. When I played songs from two more albums, the app did not show the names of the composer and lyricist even though that information is stored in my Apple Music database, which Audirvana imported. Bottom line: This new iPad app is not as good as the first remote app I used with my first purchase (version 1 or 2). As I recall, that remote app displayed the playlist on the left hand side, album art to the right of the play list, and all other information (i.e., metadata, play time remaining, depth/bit rate) below the album art. I think that app cost $10. I’d gladly pay $10 for an app that works properly. I think I will try JRiver and Roon before deciding whether to upgrade to Origin.