Ipad volume issue, on a win10 pc with MiniDSP SHD

When using the Ipad to interface with Audirvana Studio the volume pegs out a max frequently has anyone else had this issue

Audirvana Software volume control is turn off on the PC

Ipad volume is at lowest level
PC computer volume is at zero

Any ideas would be most appreciated

PC and Ipad have latest updates

I have a MiniDSP SHD which is seen by Audirvana on the win10 PC,

Previously before Studio upgrade all was well and working

Also the volume will increase to max after I turned it down on the IPad

I am using a SHD myself as well…so… !!!
You should use the audio volume control on your SHD by preference. If you prefer a remote to control the volume from a distance you could use a SHD remote for that purpose!
If the input signal strenght on the SHD is to high, you can lower the input sensitivity on the inputs of the SHD to make it right.
In principe this is the best way to the highest possible quality of your system.
Volume control via a tablet or (i)Phone is dead dangerous if the volume goes up to max output!!!

If connection a failing…try to restart your SHD (power off and on) to get of right again, or disconnect (if used) the usb cable and reconnect it again.

I wish you the best for this case and hope that this answer will help to get best use out of it!

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Thank You Yes the Ipad volume control is preferred but not required. It was just nice to choose music and adjust volume all in one.

I will go back to the SHD remote control for volume and see how it works

The Studio version of Audirvana definitely sounds better on my system, the difference is not dramatic but noticeable

Right now Audirvana is on a Win10 PC connected to SHD via network connection that works great
Flac Files are on PC
The Shd utilizes the preamp portion out XLR to a Crown LxI 1500 ( AB style )
Crown to a pair of 1977 La Scala’s that have been totally updated with all new drivers and cross overs - biggest change was to add a ½ inch MDF to all exterior sides which really made a big difference

Thanks Again for your comments and direction