Is a DSD and direct device access solved in Origin/Studio

Hi All, sorry if this question already was here - I did search but found nothing

Audirvana 3.5 have an issue with MacOS newer than El Capitan because Apple has disabled direct access to the audio device thus you can’t play DSD files directly to a DAC and have to set it to be converted to PCM, unless you do all this voodoo stuff with replacing MacOS drivers IOAudioFamily.kext which doesn’t always work. Worked on iMac for me but didn’t work for Mac Mini

I’m just wondering if new Origin or Studio fixed this problem and I can play DSD files directly to DAC without damaging MacOS?

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DSD files always played well with Audirvana and have not been converted to PCM except if your DAC can’t play DSD you just have to set your preferences to DSD over PCM 1.0 or 1.1 if your DAC goes higher than DSD128…

you are mixing two things… To have Direct Mode enable in Audirvana stopped after old macos systems block it… that is for me the most esoteric thing in Audirvana :slight_smile:

Try Studio or Origin, it is free to try… you won’t even notice that pref is not there :slight_smile:
Sound is way better since in Audirvana… free to try

Looks like you’re right … but my confusion comes from the following:

  1. DAC - Oppo HA-1 works perfectly in Direct Mode
  2. Previously in DSD over PCM either 1.0 or 1,1 I couldn’t make it work
  3. Today I’ve installed Catalina (latest MacOS supported on this hardware) and suddenly it’s started working - DAC detects incoming DSD in DSD over PCM 1.0 mode

Looks like I don’t need Direct Mode anymore …