Is A+ ready for OSX High Sierra?

OSX High Sierra should be out in just a few weeks. Has anyone tested A+ with this new operating system yet?

This is what i wrote on another site:


I installed the Beta 2 of High Sierra today on a new partition starting fresh… yes i have a backup :slight_smile:
I wanted to see if it was better for A+ with the new Finder coding APFS and see if some bugs would disapear for me like the stoping of A+ playing for no reason for 1 or 2 seconds once a week.

For me, A+ have still troubles like others before High Sierra with the System Optimizer installing at first… in fact, i had to put back my preferemces of Sierra to make it works again :slight_smile: Direct Mode is out also as it is dead since Sierra. I didn’t try to replace de .ktext again to make it work because SuperDuper couldn’t see my hard disk formatted for High Sierra new APFS thing. Onyx doesn’t work either at this stage to repair the permissions after… So i enjoy A+ 3.0.7 like it is now, HQPlayer 3 still works and JRiver 22 also.

I putted back my A+ music database folder where it is supposed to be and my preferences for A+ software, and all was back like before with playlists included :slight_smile:

The best thing for me with High Sierra, is now i can use the keyboard like it was before Sierra with Screen Sharing… Making the folder you clicked disappear while holding the ALT key to just keep the next one you have selected… and so on, to just have only one folder at a time open in the finder while browsing my music hard disc. SO GLAD that it is back for me!!

The Remote of A+ still works with my iPhone like before and my IOS application ‘Remote Mouse’ on the Mac and iPhone still control my MacMini on the TV with the iPhone if i want. Parallels Desktop is still working with windows 10 installed on Mac Mini… nothing to do with music but needed by me :slight_smile:

That’s it for now. Enjoying music on High Sierra :slight_smile:

Since that post, i’ve bought a new Hard Drive external and i’ve formatted it to APFS also to put my music on and to be the same as my system.
I have zero bug with A+ and High Sierra. Even now with beta 5, Screen Sharing window doesn’t need anymore you to click OK to see the window opened :slight_smile:

I’m not testing to beta of A+ 3.1, still on 3.0.7

Hello, RunHomeSlow

My RAID HDD also failed to mount and I gave up Direct-Mode 2 weeks ago. But, this problem seems fixed in the latest High Sierra beta (Aug 15th version) and I am enjoying Direct-Mode now. I believe Direct-Mode ON is much better than OFF in terms of resolution. I was under the impression that APFS is primarily for internal SSD and external HHD might work better on HFS at least at the present time.

In terms of unavailable OnyX for High Sierra, download “RepairPermissions v3” and install the file to “/usr/local/bin”. … os-sierra/

Then, you can use terminal to repair permissions. By the way, this is much faster than OnyX.

sudo RepairPermissions /

I hope you can fix your problem as soon as possible.


You… :slight_smile:

Was stuck a bit with the RepairPermissions user/bin thing, but found my way…
Direct Mode is on and working again. :slight_smile:

I wrote a more easy little text for what you wrote for slower persons like me :slight_smile:

Since Onyx is not working yet for High Sierra, Dowload RepairPermissions 3.7.2320 (as for the august 16, 2017 last version)

There is a yellow >> Downloads section in the middle of the page…
Unzip it to your Mac Desktop. Then, in your finder Mac Menu ’ Go ’
Choose: Go to folder… and paste: /usr/local/bin
Then put the unzipped file in that folder.

Then, do the Sierra Direct Mode routine till the Onyx part…
When you are ready to repair permissions, open Terminal and paste that in the window, with your password.

sudo RepairPermissions /

Wait till it finish and Direct Mode will be on again the next time A+ start.
If yes, complete after the restart by enabling SIP again in Recovery Mode…

Thank again katsu :slight_smile:


One bug that i noticed, might be useful for Damien…
My music Hard drive of 4tb is USB connected directly to my Mac Mini and is brand new…
I formatted it APFS like the High Sierra system when received.

All is fine, music is playing all good. It’s just that A+ is in my logging items by default and when i first open my MAC in the morning,
the library sync in not AUTO. I have to quit A+ and restart it. Again, it just the sync that is not automatic is show a date number of last sync. I’m sure it is APFS related because that never happens before, seems like A+ loads faster then the APFS music drive…

10.13 beta with A+ 3.0.7

Thanks, I’ll check this one.
Though I would not dare to install the new filesystem until the 4 or 5th bug fix update of High Sierra.
Filesystem is so core to the OS, and so important to avoid losing data…