Is an iPhone/iPad/Android the only control option?

I have Audirvana (trial period) installed on a NUC running Win10 (headless) connected via ethernet in my music rack.
Now I want to control Audirvana while sitting on the couch 15 feet away (wirelessly). I would like to control it from a small Windows laptop either through a app or via browser. I cannot find any information as to weather this is possible.
All I can find is the option to use a iPhone/iPad or an Android phone/tablet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

You could try Windows Remote Desktop to directly interface with the machine running Audirvana.

Team Viewer is well known also, mac and pc and free.

i use vnc server to control my macmini on my iphone, free also.

Thanks for your replies. I am familiar with those options but I find them cumbersome. I was hoping for something that Audirvana already had for the laptop.
I have been trying Roon and Audirvana now for a week and I prefer the latter for its more simplistic GUI and the SQ is great.
I just can’t live with my controller being on a phone or tablet
By running it headless It looks like those are my only options.
Can someone recommend another software product that can integrate my streamer/dac and music libarary like Audirvana and Roon do?
I have the ability to lead it on a linux/mac or Win box.