Is Audirvara compatible with LInux?

I am currently using Linux Mint operating system and wonder if I can use Audirvara

No. Even if you use an earlier version of Windows (before 10 1809) or strip down your Windows deleting Store Apps (like for example Audiophile Optimizer does) or use a Server Edition Audirvana will not work / can’t be installed with provided .appxbundle file (App Installer), Audirvana also works on Mac.

I’ll be happy to hear a different opinion. I don’t believe Audirvana will work with Wine or CrossOver. Maybe with a virtual machine if you have more RAM, don’t know, I don’t use virtual machines / don’t know too much about how them works / don’t have a powerful pc.

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Thanks for the reply. I went away from Win !0. To many services and frequent processor hogs. I am using a NUC with a I7 processor, 16 gig ram and a SS drive.

Just out of curiosity, what software have you already tried on Linux?

The one way I know of to do this also involves Windows or MacOS. :slightly_smiling_face: That is, you can connect from a Windows or Mac computer by WiFi or Ethernet via UPnP/DLNA to an endpoint running Linux, and connect that by USB to your DAC. In that situation the Windows or Mac computer is what’s actually running Audirvana, and the Linux computer is essentially a pass-through.

I’ve attempted to run Audirvana via WINE, but haven’t succeeded.

I suppose you could also attempt to do this on Linux via Windows emulation, but emulation isn’t ordinarily a good choice for resource intensive tasks.


Why did you prefer to use an endpoint instead of directly connecting the DAC to the computer’s USB?

Because my computer running Audirvana is a desktop with cooling fans making noise that I keep in my office, and my audio system is in the living room. :slightly_smiling_face: So rather than buy or build a whole new computer with stringent acoustic noise and appearance requirements (since it would be part of the living room decor), I am able to use my general purpose computer and bought a small endpoint that is hidden away.


I use the exclusive Mac mini for Audirvana, even though it has a fan, I never noticed it working.


I will NEVER understand this world.

I always had regular (low end?) computers but was never a problem. Usually when music plays I don’t hear anything else. Besides that I have all my equipements in a single room, living in an apartment.

But I’m not an audiophile and will never be… Just a music lover, maybe not with best hearing / perception, even if clearly can make a difference between Audirvana and VLC. Or my system and a cheap bluetooth speaker, Just a tought…


Yes, the “muscle” of the desktop is for other applications than Audirvana (though it’s nice that Audirvana is very responsive running on this computer with the upsampling to DSD512 I like to do).

I was using also rather noisy computers inexpensive to run Audirvana and than I used long long cable to other room with amp and speakers.
In that computer room when music is playing it doesnt bother me as you stated here.I have speakers and amp here also.
But one day I listen to excellent advice of our dear member Doudou and I bought older used late 2014 Mac mini with I5 dual core cpu and 8gb of ram
Now I am using mostly Mac Mini to do everything and specially playing music.
It is quiet even with one mechanical hard drive.
I upgraded to M2 drive for OS and it is fast enough.
Maybe you will have chance to use mac mini in the future.
It is running more steady on home network.
No drops like with Windows connecting to different devices.
I have few older Windows 10 and 11 computers and all of them sometimes loosing connection to the internet.
Specially using other software than Audirvana.
Audirvana I found is the best among music playing software on PC at least for me.
Now if I will ever buy another computer will be Mac Mini specially that new ones with M2 and M2Pro are very powerfull.
So for playing music I would recommend Mac.
Running different software I would rather use Windows
Sorry to write here little of topic.
Mac Mini Almost Silent


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