Is it possible Audirvana deleted my files from a NAS?

I went to access files on my NAS yesterday, and saw that half of the shares on my Synology NAS are empty. The directories exist, but are empty. Files gone. I’m the only one who even knows how to access these files, and also the only one with credentials. I didn’t touch the files all week. They were definitely there last weekend

But other shares are fine. What the?!?

I’ve tried all sorts of Synology troubleshooting and it thinks everything is 100% fine. Clearly if I am missing a few terabytes of data, everything is not fine. But the Synology OS thinks it’s fine. Not looking good for you, Synology, if a RAID system can lose terabytes and your software reports everything as fine and dandy.

But then I realized, hmm…is it possible that something actually deleted the files? I did reinstall the latest version of Audirvana on a Mac Mini last weekend that had a fresh OS install on it. So I told Audirvana the location of the 3 network shares where I have high resolution flac files and let it search those.

Those 3 shares are the only ones that are missing files.

I’m not saying Audirvana deleted my files. But I’m curious if this is even at all possible, because the only thing that accessed those files in the past week was Audirvana as it scanned the nas directions to add the files to its library.

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That’s not possible. If you had recycle bin enabled on the shares you van check if the the files are there.

Are you part of Audirvana support? I’m new to this forum, so I don’t know who’s officially part of the Audirvana team or not.

I think I write software, so I certainly know it’s possible to write software that intentionally or unintentionally deletes files. I wouldn’t mind hearing from other users of actual Audirvana support (are they on here?)

Nope, I’m not associated with Audirvana in any way. I’m just a regular user like you. The user(s) with the stylised “A” logo are Audirvana employees.

I use Audirvana in the same way you do (files stored on Synology share). Never had issues with it deleting files.

didn’t mean to type “I think I write software.” (I know I do…)

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I got it. As an extra safety measure you can have it access the shares with read-only credentials.

Hello @scb, Audirvana don’t delete files without your consent. In fact you can delete file in Audirvana but you’ll always be the one who make the decision. Are you able to see your files on a file explorer?

Nope, the files are not there in the Finder or in the “File Station” app of the Synology DS918+.

The Synology says everything is fine and that there are no errors, so I’m going to see if there are any deeper logs that might show if these files were in fact deleted (if not a synology issue).

But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if it somehow could have been Audirvana. The only files that are missing are ALL of the files in my Audirvana library. All other shares on the Synology are fine.

i use a SYnology NAS too to store my music files and A reads them remotely.
I have just realized the Delete function in the menu is greyed out. ANyone knows why? and how to enable it?
it is a bit of a pain to have to close A and go delete folders in the Finder, then reopen A and wait for the indexation to finish (again and again).

Check with that access level you’re accessing the NAS share. Maybe you only have read only access.

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Thanks but which « user » is Audirvana using to access the NAS?

The user you provided when you mounted the the remote share.

Thanks then its the admin and it has all powers
Anyways since i am able to modify metadata, i believe Audirvana has the rights to edit, including delete, so it is probably something else… thiughts?

This just happened to me! Using Audirvana on a Mac. I played some files last night and rated them (4 stars, etc.) Today I went to replay those songs and got an “could not open file on playbacK” message. Plus the ratings are gone. The album is still in my Shared Music folder, but all the songs are gone!