Is it possible to play SACD .ISO files directly in AUdirvana

newbie here. just considering backing up my SACD collection to .ISO files. will I be able to play MCH directly from .iso files. Will Mac output MCH over hdmi to external unit or should I use mch DAC over USB port.


Yes SACD ISO with MCH tracks are supported, I’ve used SACD ISO for some quite time and I suggest to convert them extracting the tracks to dsf format.

The track metadata from ISO files are not editable so if there’s any issue with them there’s no way to correct this include also the artwork.

You can use a software like sacd_extract (look for it on GitHub) to convert the ISO to dsf tracks.

About supporting the HDMI output I have no experience of it I use a USB DAC.


thank you for this info. I’m trying to find the way to play .ISO without conversion to DSF.
I’ve played mch DSF files with good results.
I do not care about metadata and artwork. I need to play music only and only in case there will be no more SACD player available. Still my excellent Sony XA9000ES is providing quality beyond approach.
Disc in , music out. Simple.

Use EZ CD Audio Converter trial pack from… very simple to convert SACD ISO to DSF

But I do not want to convert ISO files.
My idea is to play directly from ISO file, less storage to keep everything.
And the question remains: does Audirvana play ISO (from SACD) files?
BTW, I know how to convert but would like to avoid this< competitive product doea it but I would prefer Audirvana

Yes it works in Audirvana…

Assume you have folders like this.

D:\Music\English\Bob Dylan\ALBUM1inWAV
D:\Music\English\Bob Dylan\ALBUM2SACDISO
D:\Music\English\Bob Dylan\ALBUM3FLAC

You have to add the folder D:\Music\English in library.
Create smart playlist with condition “File Location” + “Contains” = “Music\English\Bob Dylan”

Once created, go to your playlist… you will find ALBUM2SACDISO to play…

It works very badly on the SACD ISO unfortunately
When you try to open a SACD ISO the program always crashes.
I really hope that this can be solved on future developments.
For a person with a large SACD ISO library is not an option to convert it to DSF just to listen it on Audirvana, i suppose.