Is it possible to register an older version license?

Hello. I have a trial version of an older version (3.2) installed on my Mac. Mac OS is Mavericks.
I want to use the product version. Can I use it by registering the license on the official page?
I want to upgrade my Mac OS, but I can’t upgrade from Mavericks because the other apps I’m using don’t support the new version.

Hello @11138, if you have a 3.2 license key then you can use it in your Audirvana 3.2 version in the settings. If you don’t have the 3.2 and you buy Audirvana on our website then you will have to upgrade your MacOS as you need to have El Capitan or newer to use Audirvana 3.5

thank you for your answer. I don’t have a 3.2 license key. Is it impossible to use the 3.2 version even if the license is registered on this page?

The license you buy on can only be used with Audirvana 3.5, it’s not possible to use it with older version of Audirvana.