Is Tagging possible with music in Tidal library?

I would love it if this was possible. I’m dying to break up that huge list of artists into categories. right now, it doesn’t seem to let me change the tag.

I’m only using Audirvana with Tidal so I can’t compare to local files. Due to complications I don’t have access to my music library right now.

Thank you!

Could this feature be added in a future update? I would be completely sold on Audirvana if I could create tags for artists and then browse a list of my tags and view only artists with a specific tag.

It’s so cumbersome to browse my entire catalog in one long list. I wind up not listening to as wide a variety of music because I just can’t browse through that much.

You could also do genres or folders instead of tags. Whichever is easiest to implement and is preferred by the Audirvana team.

Thank you!

I think Tidal put a tag for an artist to determine it’s genre. We will need to take a look at it to see if we can introduce it in a future update of Audirvana.

I’m not suggesting you simply display tags generated by Tidal. I’m suggesting that you let users add any tag they want to any artist, album or song. Users can create a list of tags, and can then click on one of their tags and it will show all the artists in that tag. Add “tags” to the list under Tidal.


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You already have a tag symbol on the very right side of the window for each artist In my Tidal favorite artists. Just let me change the tag. Add the artist to an existing tag, or create a new one and add it to that new tag.

Am I making sense? Should I make screenshots?

It makes sense but we don’t know if it’s really possible as the tag you see in tidal are the one that coming directly from Tidal itself and you can’t change this kind of information

Can’t you add your own tag on top of their information? That should be possible in your software not coming from Tidal. roon can add tags to artists from the Tidal library.

We will see what we can do about it :wink:

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Yes! That would be such a great feature I think you’d get buyers just for that alone. It would make my life so much better being at peace with my music collection.

Thank you!

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