Is there any way to search Qobuz by label within Audirvana?

Congrats on Qobuz integration as Audirvana actually works better than the Qobuz desktop app here in the US. One thing though that the desktop app does that Audirvana does not do yet is give one the ability to look at listings by label. In the desktop app if you have a release pulled up you can click on the label for that release which will bring up a discography of all the releases for that particular label. I find this very useful when trying to find all the releases that Qobuz has for Mercury Living Presence titles. It is also a good way to find new music. If this already exists, please explain how I may do this if not consider this a feature request. Thanks Damien!

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edited title as it appeared to be a qobuz question rather than an Audirvana question.

This would a great feature the Qobuz app has this and the data should be part of the API. Thanks!