Is there really no drag and drop to make playlists?

I’m attempting to make my first playlist with Audirvana but what seems as a fairly direct function of “drag the song you want into the playlist name in the left sidebar window” simply does not work.

I’ve searched this forum for similar issues by other people and I’ve found a couple of people asking the same general question I’m asking here, but haven’t seen any responses that offer a fix, or clear instructions on how I might be approaching this incorrectly.

This forum isn’t the easiest to use, so I’ll keep looking in the hopes I accidentally fall into a solution from someone else’s post.

I would find it highly unusual that drag and drop isn’t an option for a piece of software of this type and of this caliber, but I figured I would ask because it really should be as simple as 'point-click-drag-drop" and it simply isn’t.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @YahYah24, does the playlist you created is a smart playlist? You can see that by right click on it.

Hi, thanks for responding,

It’s not a smart list. I had made a Folder a few days ago, and put some playlist titles inside of it that I knew I would populate once I got all my music imported and meta tagged (in an outside application). Once I finished the metatagging process I’d be able to see the attributes of each file easier inside of Audirvana.

So when I came back to Audirvana, opened it up, and got a feel for where all my files were I started to drag and drop individual songs over to those playlists I had made a few days ago.

NO - GO.
Hard Stop.

I dragged them over to the playlists and it would not let me drop them into or onto the playlists. Any of them…

I created new playlists to take the place of the old ones and a couple of times I was successful in dragging and dropping but just when I thought my problems were over with - the ability to drag and drop would stop again. I could no longer drag and drop. It makes no sense to me so that’s why I wrote this question.

I wound up messing around with it quite a bit because I was so frustrated, and I am seeing that so long as I don’t put the playlists under a folder, or inside a folder, I won’t have nearly as many rejections (can’t drag and drop). If I leave the playlists out in the open - messy and uncategorized all sitting out there NOT inside a folder - I can drag and drop.

It’s making a mess of my organization structure, but it looks like I can drag and drop into those new folder-playlists just fine now and I can’t tell you why.

I also just tried to drag and drop into Playlists I had already made prior to a few days ago and, for some reason this morning, it’s all working properly.

I have no idea why I struggled so hard yesterday. I couldn’t drag and drop anything into any of the folders/playlists.

I’m on a MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.3 Brand new Macbook 16" if that helps you out at all.

I love this application, just getting used to using it.
Thanks for your quick response.


Hello @YahYah24, Thank you for your precise feedback, it’s really strange what you are describing. Don’t hesitate to make a video of it in the future so we can clearly see what’s going on when you drag and drop your file.

I can’t drag and drop for playlists nor the library. Strangely I can add files to “now playing queue”.

Just tested this on AV 3.5.33: After making a new Manual Playlist, I could not drag&drop tracks from Library to New Playlist. After a restart of AV it works fine. (?!?)

Hello @MrPink and @Alberto, are you sure you are not trying to drag and drop a file to a folder playlist instead of the playlist itself?

Yes I am sure about the Manual Playlist because I first made a Playlist Folder and I saw that this is wrong. Then I made the Manual Playlist showing the issue. Also in the contextual menu the playlist was not available.
But now I can’t reproduce the issue. Maybe the issue shows up only with the very first Manual Playlist? It was my first Manual Playlist I did in 3.5.33 (besides Smart Playlists)