Is this the most user unfriendly, unintuitive forum layout ever?

Since latest Audirvana "updates’ it has become very user unfriendly.
site navigation is nowhere near as good as the previous forum, the layout, the colours, and symbols, the seriously annoying ‘robot’ friend.
Is this what Windows users have to put up with…

Alongside the Windows version of Audirvana that we now have to use… Progress?
The underlying quality of the audio playback, which was the reason for my purchase, is not in doubt but the desing of the interface is just as importsnt; And I must say Audirvana falls down there.
Along with a coulpe of constant other issues, it’s time to look for an alternative…

I fully agree - the new layout is terrible and confusing - simply unbearable.
In the meantime, I know that the creator does not care what his customers say - but we should not stop making our displeasure known.

Furthermore, I would like to have a way to permanently save the Windows version 3.5 on my laptop so that fidelizer can automatically open this version at startup and I do not always have to intervene manually.

Maybe it just takes some time to get used to? I’ve been away from Audirvana for a while but since the 3.5 update I’m using it much more again. I like the way it looks (much more than before) and it seems easy for me to find my way around.
I’m a fan of the new layout. (both the app and the forum)

Are you used to windows?
a mac user of many yeard, the new app gui, and the forum gui are both annoyingly PC.

I’m using both. I have to use Windows for work (no choice) but have been using Mac at home for personal use since many years. I’m using Audirvana on my mac since V1.
There are little annoyances here and there but in general I like V3.5 and wouldn’t want to go back.
BTW. I have a live time membership on Roon as well but always seem to come back to Audirvana…

I have the same issue, I have to access my email to click on the link provided to launch the 3.5 beta version. I can’t seem to find the exe file of the 3.5 beta so I can launch it from the desktop. Spent almost an hour looking for it yesterday.

Your using Windows at work explains why you are less disturbed by the changes to udirvana, you are used to the ‘style’ of windows… For me, having switched from pc to mac in the late 80s, it was/is a shock. I think Audirvana is excellent in it’s performance, it’s the look, the ‘feeling’ of it that jars… plus the nevr ending glitches; tracks stopping before playback has ended, and the SysOpt function regularly dropping out. When it works, it is cool.

Yes unfortunately, you’re right. The GUI engineer took a forum that was okay at best and made it really poor. Since Damien rarely interacts with his customers here, one wonders what the motivation for giving it the “once over” was.

This presupposes a GUI engineer/website designer/graphic artist was involved of course.

I quite like the new forum style. The features are way ahead of the old one. Roon and Naim forums are using the same provider. Nice choice Damien.

Agreed. I also like the forum. (Discourse). It’s a very popular product and used by more and more companies.
Only the style here could be improved a little. With the current choice of colours it’s sometimes hard to see what is a button or a link which reduces the usability compared to for instance the roon style.

what about navigation?

And, where’s the ‘mark as read’?

The navigation is what I meant with the used colour scheme. All the links and buttons have a white background which is silly. You have to hover over the text at the bottom to see the cursor change and notice what is a button (E.g. new topics, unread, etc.)

Discussions are marked as read automatically when you read them. It even remembers how far down you are in a thread.

I find it really a nice piece of software, it just needs some attention from an admin here to make it more user friendly.

ok, but how do i mark forums/items read, wihout reading?
sometimes i just scan the titles and can’t be bothered to read… just want to mark all read.

It doesn’t really work like that.
When I come in, I click on ‘New (x)’ to view the new threads.
I skim through the list and open anything that looks interesting.
When I’m really interested in a topic I click on ‘Tracking’ (just below the last post) and it will show up in my ‘Unread’ menu if there are new posts the next time I log in.
Once I’m done with the New list, I click on ‘Dismiss new’ to clean up and my page is empty.

When I have time, I click on Latest in the top menu, to see if there is any discussion that gets a lot of posts and might become interesting after all.

So basically you only follow the topics you are interested in and all the rest is just there but doesn’t bother you.

I mostly click on ‘New’ or ‘Unread’ in the top menu. It remembers when you were last in and shows anything that is new or update since then.

I really like it!

Also, when you are reading a ‘New’ topic, there is a button at the bottom to get you back to the new list, but the admins here made the background color white and the text the same color as all the rest you you don’t really see it.
Something like: ‘There are 4 new topics remaining’.
The ‘4 new’ is a button.
Here is how it looks on the Roon forum: