Issue to play to Lindemann MusicBook 55

Dear Forum!
I have a “Lindemann Musicbook 25 DSD” network audio player and a matching “Lindemann Musicbook 55” power amplifier. Both pieces are part of the Hi-End category. This is why I am interested in the possibility of high-level audio playback. I am a subscriber to the TIDAL Hi-Fi service. I was very happy when I managed to find the “Audirvana” player, which allows me to play the files on TIDAL in high definition. Unfortunately, Lindemann does not include an MQA decoder, but you can still listen to discs made in this way at a significantly higher resolution.
The problem is:
Using the computer’s own audio output, everything works perfectly, but as soon as I stream music to my own network, each new track starts with the music playing for a second and then silencing, and after another second it sounds and plays the music flawlessly from now on. Until you reach the end of the track, because then you jump to the beginning of the next track and the described error is repeated.
This phenomenon is not only true for TIDAL as an external source, but also for streaming music from the network music stream.
I really liked this program, but the possibility of buying it, I would say, precludes it. I’ve already contacted support, but we haven’t found a solution yet, unfortunately. What has been achieved in any case is that, as a result of the help of Support, the program is completely stable for both TIDAL and my own network, as the “crashes” have been eliminated.
it would be good to find a solution, thanks: pimpolo

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