Issue with 192khz Files

I’m having a weird issue which I can’t figure out. I have my pc connected to a Marantz av8805 via HDMI. All works well except for when I play 192khz files.

When I select a 192khz file the Marantz switches to it’s Heos streaming app to play the file. I’m not sure if it is because I have waspi selected instead of Asio? Or that I have it selected through the Marantz AVR (nvidia high definition audio) option. I do see the Marantz in there several other times as an option and wonder if that is reflective of all the hdmi connections and maybe I have to find the one where the PC is plugged in? I’m attaching a picture of what I see and hopefully this makes sense.

If it helps, I did notice an interger mode message scrolling along to the left of the song. Not sure if there is some setting that needs to be adjusted. But as soon as I select a 192 file on the hdmi input I hear a quick click then it goes mute,

Most likely your are experiencing an Hdmi handshake issue which causes all types
of unexplainable playback issues. I had an issue when playing SACD’s. I would get crazy
drop outs all the time with multiple players
going through a Denon Avx7200. I sent the
receiver in 3 times for service and they changed boards and replaced the receiver
and it still dropped out. I decided to call
Oppo and they said to disconnect the
monitor out hdmi going the tv and it worked.
Somehow, there was a handshake issue caused by the tv which caused the
SACD’s to drop out. Makes no sense but
its true. It took 3 months to figure it out.

The only reason that I don’t think it is a handshake issue is because it is somehow routing to the Heos app in the Marantz to play and prior to the pc being hooked up, I had a PS4 hooked up to the same input for years without issue, I really think it has something to do with the integer/mute setting and that is why I was getting the scrolling message and the stopping of playing.

Try to set the max sample rate in Audirvana to 192KHz.

I thought it would be helpful to post the debug log. And the scrolling message I receive is “unable to change integer setting”. I also can’t find the setting in the settings menu…

Audirvana 3.5.40


Polarity Inversion:
	Globally: OFF
	Per track: ON
Effects plugins NOT ACTIVE

SoX not in use
SoX filter parameters
Bandwidth at 0dB = 99.5
Filter max length = 30000
Anti-aliasing = 100
Phase = 66

Max allowed volume: 100
Replay Gain: None
SW volume control: OFF

Sync list: 1 folders
AUTO: \\Public\Shared Music
Library database path: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Audirvana\AudirvanaPlus\AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite


=================== AUDIO DEVICE ========================

Max. memory for audio buffers: 4338MB

Local Audio Engine:WASAPI

Preferred device:
Pace RVU Client MediaRenderer
Model UID:Pace Pace RVU Client MediaRenderer

Active Sample Rate: 48kHz

Bridge settings:
Sample rate limitation: 192kHz
Sample rate switching latency: none
Limit bitdepth to 24bit: OFF
Mute during sample rate change: ON

Selected device:
Local audio device
marantz-AVR (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) Manufacturer:
Model UID:marantz-AVR (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) UID:\?\SWD#MMDEVAPI#{}.{266663e6-1f07-44e7-ba23-2f140f58cfb4}#{e6327cad-dcec-4949-ae8a-991e976a79d2}

6 available sample rates up to 192000Hz
Volume Control
Physical: No
Virtual: No
MQA capability
Auto-detect MQA devices: Yes
Not a MQA device, user set to not MQA
DSD capability: Unhandled
Device audio channels
Multichannel: 8 channels
Preferred stereo channels L:0 R:1
Channel bitmap: Oxff, layout:
Channel 0 mapped to 0
Channel 1 mapped to 1
Channel 2 mapped to 2
Channel 3 mapped to 3
Channel 4 mapped to 4
Channel 5 mapped to 5
Channel 6 mapped to 6
Channel 7 mapped to 7

Audio channels in use
Number of channels: 8
Use as stereo device only: No
Simple stereo device: No

1 output streams:
Number of active channels: 8, in 1 stream(s)
Channel #0 :Stream 0 channel 0
Channel #1 :Stream 0 channel 1
Channel #2 :Stream 0 channel 2
Channel #3 :Stream 0 channel 3
Channel #4 :Stream 0 channel 4
Channel #5 :Stream 0 channel 5
Channel #6 :Stream 0 channel 6
Channel #7 :Stream 0 channel 7
8 ch Integer PCM 16bit little endian 44.1kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 24bit little endian aligned high in 32bit chunk 44.1kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 16bit little endian 48kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 24bit little endian aligned high in 32bit chunk 48kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 16bit little endian 88.2kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 24bit little endian aligned high in 32bit chunk 88.2kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 16bit little endian 96kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 24bit little endian aligned high in 32bit chunk 96kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 16bit little endian 176.4kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 24bit little endian aligned high in 32bit chunk 176.4kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 16bit little endian 192kHz
8 ch Integer PCM 24bit little endian aligned high in 32bit chunk 192kHz

Local devices found : 1
Device #0: marantz-AVR (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) Manufacturer: Model UID: marantz-AVR (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) UID: \?\SWD#MMDEVAPI#{}.{266663e6-1f07-44e7-ba23-2f140f58cfb4}#{e6327cad-dcec-4949-ae8a-991e976a79d2}

UPnP devices found : 15
Device #0851N UID: uuid:09d3b4e6-9c92-4be0-8698-86632b2c7f47 Location:
Device #1Pace RVU Client MediaRenderer UID: uuid:MediaRenderer-00_36_76_94_BA_8B Location:
Device #2Marantz AV8805 UID: uuid:1565bb99-c2b3-1afb-0080-0005cdaf2a1e Location:
Device #3Office UID: uuid:a04bf221-aa99-15f6-0080-0005cdf80502 Location:
Device #4Pace RVU Client MediaRenderer UID: uuid:MediaRenderer-98_F7_D7_E5_B4_9C Location:
Device #5Pace RVU Client MediaRenderer UID: uuid:MediaRenderer-E8_82_5B_41_37_EB Location:
Device #6Office UID: uuid:6b649a76-cbe7-155e-0080-0005cdf80502 Location:
Device #7Office UID: uuid:0d6233f3-5963-113a-0080-0005cdf80502 Location:
Device #8Office UID: uuid:139e2317-503f-734d-8390-8fb3bdd34e9a Location:
Device #9Office UID: uuid:c20271de-5b2f-5015-976b-41dbe661e8e6 Location:
Device #10Marantz AV8805 UID: uuid:27c41ab1-4422-1266-0080-0005cdaf2a1e Location:
Device #11Marantz AV8805 UID: uuid:745f36df-4c5a-1b9e-0080-0005cdaf2a1e Location:
Device #12Marantz AV8805 UID: uuid:4184edc5-1827-d4a1-30a1-7a3c85841838 Location:
Device #13Marantz AV8805 UID: uuid:3677fc23-82d3-71a0-c9e1-a08744d40964 Location:
Device #14[LG] webOS TV OLED65C8PUA UID: uuid:a0c5f317-803f-fa24-7453-221f86685f9f Location:

Every device which use Heos have this issue because of a the UPnP/Heos implementation in the DAC. Unfortunately the only answer we got for the development team is to implement Heos in Audirvana and it will require some time to do it as it’s not our main priority for the moment.

Bummer to hear, but good to also know that this is because of the Heos implementation and no reason to keep banging my head against the wall trying to figure it out. Sounds like the only fix is with the development team at Audirvana. Thank you again for the response

Just making sure there’s no other way to get the 192khz files to work? Just confused because the 96khz works without issue, and my Marantz can support 192khz via the hdmi. There wasn’t anything in the bug log that raised a red flag?

have you tried with usb to see?

Me again…
this is a picture from my DAC manual…
not the same as you… me, i’m on a Mac… so, nothing as you, but…

The Marantz doesn’t support usb playback via a pc. All other formats and kHz rates up to 96khz play fine through the PCs hdmi out.

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