Issues logging in/signing up for the subscription trail

Hi Damien

I am a 3.5 owner and I am trying to sign up for the new Audirvanna studio trail. When I request to try to log in it does not allow me to do so even after I verify my accunt with a verification code. Are you able please advise?

Best music software, keep up the good work


same problem here. never receive a signup link. :frowning:

Me too. Try to log in - get told I need a verification code. I enter the verification code and am told my account can’t be found. Tried to sign up for new trial, no email link sent through. Awesome intro to the new platform.

hi, same problem. I was excited to test everything on the weekend :frowning: never receive a signup link on email

Update: 31.5.2021 - three emails to start my account, monday:-))) I’m testing right now. Everything works great

Similar problems here, wrote an email to damien3 - no answer until now… but its weekend!!!

oh the joys of everything moving to “the cloud.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Someone or something unstuck the system for me. This morning at 4:17 a.m. US Eastern time I received four emails to start my account. :slight_smile:


Your experience gives me hope. I already thought they don’t need my money or support is non-existent as my emails with proof of my purchase in February 2020 have been ignored so far.

Went through that myself. I have a 3.5 license. So when I saw the are you part of the Audirvana Family, I thought that meant me. Why else would it be there? Well, that was a mistake! It took me nowhere. The next morning it took three attempts to get it to download. Amateur Hour!

Someone or something unstuck the system for me.

yep, ditto here. thanks to whomever plugged the server back in. :slight_smile: