Issues logging into Tidal

I have a question regarding Audirvana (v3.0.7). I am not able to sign in to Tidal. When I try to (in Preferences -> Streaming), it thinks for a while (10 seconds) and then a pop up appears saying "Login failed to Tidal. Network error contacting TIDAL server: code -1001: The request timed out.
I can’t think why I am getting this error and haven’t found any possible solutions after googling. I’ve been having this issue for three days now and still haven’t been able to log in. I set up a Qobuz account just to test if another streaming serviced worked and I was able to successfully log onto Qobuz in Aurirvana.
I would be grateful for any thoughts on how I might solve this.

Hi all - I’ve managed to solve my issue - I had some specific DNS settings. After I reset all my network settings on my computer the issue was solved.