Issues to switch from one song to another


I posted the same topic in French a few days ago. I will try in english…

I use Audirvana with Qobuz, and I send my music through wifi, on my DAC/network drive (Directstream Junior).

When I try to switch from one song to another, in the soft (but also in the remorte), it doesn’t work at all. If I click on play to launch a song, the one I am initially listening restarts from the beginning. If I press play again, it stops the initial song, but it doesn’t launch the new song neither.

Instead of doing that, I need to press stop, and then launch the new song. It’s not convenient at all.

Is it a known issue, or something linked to my settings? I have had a look on my settings in Audirvana (and also qobuz) and I don’t see where it could come from.

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