Issues With Playing MQA Tracks on Tidal

Hi experts, I’m having issues handling MQA Tracks on Tidal through Audirvana. It’s highly likely that it’s due to the fact that I’m relying on Optical TOSLINK (which unfortunately, I’ll have to rely on for the mean time)

I have zero interest in MQA quality as I’m a non-believer in it and I would be perfectly fine with just Tidal’s HiFi quality. Is there a way for me to configure Audirvana to force stream HiFi quality instead of MQA?

Hi, thanks for the idea… however I fall under the Tidal family plan and the rest of the members want to have that HiFi+ package. Would there be any other options? Or do I have to just drop off the family plan and resort to getting my own plan?

It‘s unlikely that the issue is related to the optical connection.

Anyway, if you want to kill MQA, just disable autodetect and set MQA capability to MQA decoder.

When the playback shows “MQA” in the quality, audio fails to be produced. The track is still playing like normal though. Also, this issue is specific to Kernel Streaming. When trying to do it in ASIO4ALL, no audio gets produced as well, regardless of whether the audio format is MQA or not.

I have tried going to Settings → Streaming → Limit streaming quality to: Lossess, but some of the songs still output in MQA, which results in no audio.

Your suggestion to set MQA capability to MQA decoder helps though. It at least fixed my issue with Kernel Streaming mode. It could be good if you could clarify to me what’s involved in MQA decoder setting when my DAC is not MQA capable. Would that be possible?

Just for context, my DAC is a Nakamichi 1000P, so it is a DAC that’s certainly not MQA capable.

It plays as plain FLAC without Audirvana performing the first MQA unfold. You get raw PCM without MQA trickery.

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