It just started playing via PSAudio BridgeII intead of USB

Hello all- I am new to Audirvana and less than a year on the PS Audio. I was listening to hours of music from Qobuz Streaming tonight that connects to my DAC with a CAT 5 from my router. I had Audirvana on and was controlling the music via a mini USB from my Mac to a USB on the DAC. I was told early on that I had to run a USB from Mac to DAC to use Audirvana. So that is what I have been doing ever since. In the Audio Control Box (Bottom right) it had always showed I could either listen to my music on the Mac or USB to DAC. Tonight, the music stopped playing. Looked around and saw that the Audio Control Box no longer showed the option for my USB connection. Now it showed only the Mac option and PS Audio BridgeII. I changed nothing. It did it by itself. I cannot now connect via USB only by the BridgeII. So I lost the need for the cable- but what made it do it and what have I lost or gained. Still shows upto 24/192.

I forgot to mention- the BridgeII connection was never an option till tonight.

Can you open the audio midi setup app of MacOs and check if you see your device or not at all?

Called PS Audio. Suggested Rebooting and Voila! USB connection was back. As was the BridgeII. So now I have choices. He thought Audirvana or Apple may have updated while I was listening. Simple solution.