iTunesの曲が再生できません。Can't play iTunes songs


I can see the iTunes playlist in My Playlists.
But when I click on that playlist, nothing plays.
When I double click on the one of playlists, the songs in that playlist do not appear.
I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this problem.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Takuya_Ozaki,

Can you please do a screenshot of your Local settings in Audirvāna Studio?

Here are my local setting screenshots.
Thank you!!

Hi @Takuya_Ozaki,

You have this amount of tracks that can’t be displayed in Audirvāna Studio :point_down:

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 10.47.37

There are tracks that can’t be played outside of iTunes (they are thus skipped in Audirvana):

  • the DRM-protected tracks (usually files ending with .m4p), due to the copy protection mechanism, like the ones coming from Apple Music

  • the iCloud/iTunes Match tracks, using an iTunes-specific protocol for retrieving the audio data. To get them to play in Audirvana, you need to download all the songs you want to play through Audirvana into your computer library by clicking the cloud icon present showing the album is in the cloud, not the library.

  • the tracks in a Home Sharing library, for the same reason (using an Apple non-public sharing protocol). If you are using this, there is a workaround that consists of sharing the audio files on the server (to be able to access them from the Finder on the client’s Mac), and then importing the track files in iTunes, or just adding the shared folder to the synchronized list in the Library page of Audirvana preferences. This way, a standard file-sharing protocol is used, and Audirvana is able to access the audio files.