iTunes Playlist Not Syncing Properly

I created a playlist yesterday containing 16-44 and 24-96 versions of songs, to see if I could hear any difference between the two formats. It contained songs from five separate artists. However, when I look at the playlist in Adv, only the songs from one artist were there (David Bowie, so it’s a bug with good taste). Also, some of the songs were there in both their 44-bit and 96-bit versions, while others were only present in their 44-bit versions.

Also, the remote app was saying that there were 76 tracks in the playlist (the actual number) although it was only displaying the Bowie tracks, while the Mac app was displaying the number of Bowie tracks. I did several manual syncs from the Mac app’s settings, but no change.

Any idea what could be going on here?

Hello @TimD, can you make a screenshot of Audirvana while you have the issue?

Typical… it’s working perfectly now… except… I created another playlist filled with random tracks to test it out and then did a manual synchronise : the playlist is there in the iOS app but not in the mac app… Ah, right, it seems I have to restart the Mac app to get the playlist to show.

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