iTunes Playlists slow and buggy

When I click on an iTunes playlist it opens very slowly, and then when I click on a song the Audirvana Studio app crashes. Anyone else having this problem?

Hello @mvneufeld,

Can you confirm the issue only appear when you click on the play button of this view?


I’m not having the crashing problem, but when I click on a playlist it loads very slowly. Definitely something that needs to be fixed.

Sorry about the delay in responding - I got your email and tried emailing you a screenshot, but the message was blocked by your server.

Anyway, the app (Version 1.4.0 - 10040) no longer crashes, but when I click on a playlist I get a spinning beachball for several seconds before the playlist opens. Same as Anthony764.

Otherwise, the app looks and sounds very good, except I’d love to be able to increase the font size. I agree with many others that we already paid a premium price for the app and seeing it replaced by a premium subscription model is a real drag.

I’ve been having the same beachball problems with iTunes playlists. I’ve been batch porting them out of iTunes using Batch Export Playlists from Doug’s AppleScripts and then importing them into AS in groups of ten. (If I import too many at a time, AS crashes!)

Thanks for that tip. I used some of Doug’s AppleScripts a while ago - I’ll check it out. Don’t look forward to importing all my playlists ten a time though. :frowning: Probably should have fewer playlists…

I have to do an hour of Zoom office hours a day so it gives me something to do :smiley:

Hey, the new AS update doesn’t seem to have the same crash issue with 10+ playists :slight_smile: