Izotope filter active or inactive?

There are some external dacs that include filtering.
I use RME Adi -2 dac, that has filters: Sharp, Slow, SD Sharp, etc.
When using one of these filters in Adi-2, should I deactivate the izotope filter in Audirvana or let it activated?

Good question. I’m about to order a V2 ADI-2 (if they ever get to the US). Are you running Windoz or Mac?

if you don’t upsample, it is deactivate…

Hi Greyscale,
I work on a mac mini, an old one, late 2010,

Thank you RunHomeSlow.
But if one chose ‘custom’ and then in every case choose for the same sampling and not upsample, I think that Izotope is active. Or not?

euh… why do that ? :slight_smile:
i’m really not an expert on that, but putting a filter that don’t change anything… don’t change anything i guess :slight_smile:
try to message Damien he should know better i guess .

Well, the answer is, that when I want to use Isotope’s filtering, I have to fake upsampling!
I hope that this ‘workaround’ works for me.