Just bought 2 licenses, but received only 1 license in e-mail

I Just bought 2 licenses for Mac, and expected to receive an e-mail with two license numbers; however, I only received one license number. How do I contact customer support for help with this issue.

Thank you,

If you intend use on 2 machines then what you have is correct. Use the same licence code on both. If you mean you are going to use 4 machines then I’m sure this posting will attract further attention.

Hello @LenW, i can see that you bought a quantity of two license. This make your license to be used up to 4 MacOS, is this what you intended to do?

Yes that’s my intention, I want to be able to use Audirvana on two Macs simultaneously. Also, in the future I may opt to upgrade just 1 license not 2; I don’t see how I could do that with just 1 license code even if it represents 2 licenses.


Since you put a quantity of 2 during your purcahse our system put the same license for your 4 activations, you can then use the same license for two mac and use them simultaneously.