Just heard about Audirvana! Synology users here?

Hi everyone,

I just heard about Audirvana from my Roon community forum.

For those who know about Roon, Roon released an update that requires continuous Internet to access your own local files which is a major disappointment.

Therefore, i need a backup or alternative to Roon.

My Roon core sits on a Synology NAS and I am hoping (fingers crossed), that Audirvana Origin can be installed on it as well.

For rendering the music, I use PS Audio’s DirectStream DAC which does all the digital to analog processing.

I listen at home and have no need to external access.

Will Audirvana Origin be good for me as a viable backup/alternative to Roon?

Thanks All

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Hello @sellerto,

You will not be able to install Audirvāna Origin on a Synology NAS as it needs to be installed on a Windows or MacOS computer in order to work.

We have a Synology here at the office and it works well with Audirvāna Origin, your computer needs to be connect to it so you can select it when you want to sync a folder in Audirvāna Origin.

The Roon core is only a database and Audirvāna Origin is here to get you the best playback quality possible which can only be done with a powerful CPU and computers have much more computing power than a NAS.

I believe you’ll only have to connect Origin to the Internet occasionally to install updates and it phones home once a month I think to check if the installed license is still valid.

Otherwise I’m certain you can use Origin completely offline. I don’t have Origin myself though, as I’m subscribed to Audirvana Studio. Which is basically Audirvana Origin but with added goodies like Qobuz/Tidal streaming, podcasts and online radio. Which means that my Studio is always connected to the Internet.

Sigh. Roon and Plex can be installed on a NAS. Plex cannot connect to a DAC but Roon can. JRiver, as far as I know, can’t be on a NAS nor can Audirvana. I hate the idea of having a computer having to be on when I have a meat and muscles NAS in my home.

So how do you control the NAS?
Or see the application you are using.