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Your wife is very tolerant. Nice gear. Can you make a list?

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You could easily fit more loudspeakers in there.
Go on, you know you want to.

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:notes: :eye: :headphones: :eye: :notes:

How do you manage all of those passive radiators when a pair or more are playing?

Sorry just now saw your reply,im not getting my notifications correctly, do you know anything about using Dirac Live ( the download for p.c) with audervana

Yes my wife was,she passed away about 6 years ago now so but she loved music as much as me but would have happy with a single speaker from am am radio lol but understood my obsession

Accuphase c-200, Accuphase p300, vtv mono blocks 2000 watts each,Dennon 62L,peachaudio grand,parasound p3,marantz mm9000 Blusound node 2i,topping D90se,smslsd9,stax lambada earspeakers,ps audio direct stream jr sonos,shiit loki,sansui g 9000,goldennear triton ones,Bozak concert grands,Kef 107.2 Dunlevy sc iv,and not seen on the back wall Bozak symphonies,

Yes lol im thinking about putting ceiling speakers in.

Its all in placement and level control ,had a friend over and he was very surprised at how great they all sounded playing at the same time except for the Dunleavys

Sorry to hear that.

You have a very nice combination of vintage and modern gear.

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I don’t use it, but I’ve seen people report success with it.

Thanks just thinking about trying it.

Thanks bitracer, well im on a reading frenzy today and have noticed post using vts plugins where and how might i try this out,

Well i did it at at least for a little while had thise magnapans rebuilt a few years ago and never used them,so i tried them on the VTV amps that are about 2000 watts a piece

Which model of Maggies are they?

I first heard a pair (can’t remember the model, but they were huge and powered by almost equally enormous amps) in the '80s and was hugely impressed.
I wouldn’t have wanted a pair, however, since I spent my whole time listening to them wondering why the recording engineers had chosen such awful microphones and microphone placement. :roll_eyes:
Also, the system cost more than my house, so I more or less forgot about it.
I did, however, fall in love with aspects of the sound, and some years later bought a pair of Apogee Centaurs (a hybrid speaker with a 26" ribbon and conventional 8" mid/bass, crossed over at 500hz), which I still love and use every day.

If it were not for my Apogees I’d be interested in the smaller Maggies made now, such as the LRS (though I’d definitely want a subwoofer to go with them).

How are you enjoying your Maggies?

Good morning, they are the mg improved, personally i have never been able to find an amp that i thought would bring out there full potential, I purchased them years ago,sent them to magnapan for a full restore and then stored them away,then recently acquired some VTV amps that are 2000 watts class D amps so I thought well surely these will drive them,and i was for the first time impressed, they sounded pretty good,but cant compete wth the Kef 107.2, goldenear triton 1,s or the Bozak concert grands ,so i put them back in there box,

Thanks for the info. Interesting.
Very different loudspeakers in every sense, obviously.
Good to know that you have speakers that you enjoy - that’s what matters. :+1:

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