Just Updated to Audirvana Origin 2.0

Audirvana Origin no longer scans subfolders of my library folder. How in the world do I fix this, as it renders the application unusable?

Have you tried to start the sync manually?

Yes; that had no effect.

I’m not using the app currently but are you on Mac or Windows?

If a Mac you may need to grant Origin access to use your disks but this would seem odd if it worked before.

Is it a single folder? I think I had issues before when I had several audio sources and disconnected a NAS drive.

I am using a Macintosh. The music resides on NAS in a single shared folder. The only thing that changed is the version of Audirvana Origin.

Is the folder still listed as in my example? With all the settings turned on?

Yes, although our screens have slightly different feature sets. I am using Audirvana Origin 2.0

I’m subbed to Audirvana Studio, hence the difference in available options.

Weird, it should work with your settings. Maybe @Antoine can help you better when he gets back in the office on Monday.

I do hope someone has an idea about how to fix this. Thank you for your attention and suggestions.

@JeffH , you shouldn’t have to but unless Antoine comes up with something, you may need to delete the database, preferences, everything and start again. If Audirvana worked before V2.0.0, then there’s no reason why access is a problem.

I have a Windows install which surprise, surpise works (with caveats), but tried the MacOS version on a Mini M1, the version prior to 2.0.0. Was a disaster, changed the metadata on thousands of files, and wouldn’t detect many other folders, and one whole volume was completely missed.

I would say the same mechanism is responsible in your case. I’m not game to install again on the M1, but having multiple backups helps, and am prepared for mess ups. How large is the library? I’d say extensive?

One thought, the database itself is probably OK, so save that and override the newer database when it installs.

It is definitely a puzzle. I have been running Audirvana on a Mac Mini for years. I switched to a Mac Mini with M1 processor a year ago without any difficulties. I jumped to Audirvana Origin 1.0 last April without incident, but this update to 2.0 has created a huge problem for me. Yes, the library is fairly extensive – about 9 TB – but it has not been a problem until now (if that turns out to be the issue).

I did attempt to delete all the preference and database files that I could find but, thus far, that has not made a difference. I really like Audirvana, so I hope that a solution may be found. Thanks for your insights.

Did you set the SMB level to 2 on your NAS? Which NAS do you use

SMB levels 1, 2, and 3 are enabled. The NAS is a Synology product.

That could be the problem. Set the minimum SMB level to 2.

We also have those levels activated in our Synology and no issue to scan files. Have you tried to add a different folder that is not stored in

/Volume/Play Point Music/?

Setting the minimum SMB level to 2 has no effect on this problem.

Yes; that allowed for scanning and retrieval of the items in the alternate folder. Since I haven’t changed any settings or folder names between the Audirvana Origin 1 and 2 installations, I am still puzzled. Next step suggestions?