Just upgraded to 3.5/sound

I just upgraded from 3.2 Audirvana+ to 3.5. My settings were maintained and all went smoothly. However the sound is different–thinner and metallic. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and what they did.

I have put in the updates. For the time being we’ve gone back to the A+. Sounds great. We now have the new one stored, so all is well, but if anyone knows what the difference is or what I could do to make the new version work I’d appreciate it.

Yeah I did notice that way back when I updated to 3.5 a bit. I think it depends on the DAC too.
Also depends on amp and whatever headphones or speakers you’re using.
But agreed the old version sounded a bit more lush whereas 3.5 initially sounded more clinical.
Then either newer versions got better or I got used to it :smiley:

Lush to clinical is a good way to put it. Is there any way to put the sound back to lush. Set-up is Mini to Chord M-scaler to Hugo TT to PSAudio BHK, to Primare power amp to Sonus Faber Serafinos, with good wireworld and Chord cables and Isotek power conditioner.

I had a similar impression (USB-iFi_iDSD_micro_BL) but fortunately it got better again earlier this year. My hardware setup hasn´t changed, just a few hand-picked win10 updates which could contribute to the phenomenon just as well, I guess. /cheers!