Keeping two instances synched

I would like to run Audirvana on two separate computers with identical music libraries and keep the metadata synchronized. Is that possible, and how do I go about doing that?
Thanks in advance.

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I store both my music library (about 170k files) and my Audirvana database file in my Dropbox and with this I have the same exact environment in Audirvana on two macOS computers. However, this is only working because I use the same username scheme on both machines. So, the file paths are identical on both machines. So far this approach worked well for me.

Thanks for the suggestion. My library is 1.8TB (lossless files), so using a subscription service to keep two instances synced is not economically feasible.

How about keeping your library on one PC and using file sharing to access the files from the other PC?

Even better, use a NAS.

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I understand. Good point. I use Dropbox for so many other things that the $17/month for the 3TB tier makes sense for me.