Kef LS50 Meta - integration?

I have a pair of these speakers in their boxes. Highly rated, but connectivity is for a typical hifi system.

My music is digitally stored on SSDs and run though my laptop. I don’t have space for big hifi components…

Any recommendations for a small sized solution?


i can’t help you on that,
but telling your budget is always good before people can tell you something…

I don’t know if it will help but here is a very recent review of these loudspeakers, with brief comments on pairing them with appropriate amplification:

They don’t recommend anything specific, but it seems as though a very good and powerful integrated amplifier is what you need to look for (if you want to minimise the space used and get the best from the ‘speakers).
There are also suggestions on appropriate amplification in the readers’ comments.

If it’s not too late to send the 'speakers back you could perhaps exchange them for the wireless active version (more money, naturally).

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