Kernal Streaming Issues and what can I do about it apart from give up

Every 10 or so seconds the sound glitches which makes listening to MQA from Tidal a nightmare, external DAC is the Gustard x16 all works fine with ASIO and WASAPI no problem would love to use Kernal but unable, any suggestions/help would be appreciated

Try with another DAC.


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Pooff ! Gone again !

Hey @oldshep , Is your gustard your only DAC? Is it updated to latest firmware? @bitracer is assuming that you have a collection of DAC’s like a set of golf clubs :joy:. I won’t admit how many I currently have :wink:
Don’t know how much you are stuck on tidal, have you tried Qobuz? No MQA but lots of hi-rez files. You can get a free trial to check it out.

Best luck with it