Kernel Streaming and Gapless play


I know this might have been brought up before but I searched and don’t see anything that resolves the issue. Since Plays with Audirvana, I am using the recommended settings. I have an iFi pro idsd. It is using kernel mode. I had this issue before but when using kernel mode between each song it skips or there is a screech between songs. This happens no matter if I am using tidal, DSD, FLAC, etc. If I use ASIO works with no problems. I have tried changing the buffer size, volume leveling, etc.

Is anyone having the same issue or know of a fix?


Hi @Tempusthales,

Do you have enabled upsampling in the audio settings of Audirvāna?

I do not. I leave the settings as is.

Let’s find how I can reproduce this, is this happening whatever the sample you try to play with your device?

Yes. For example, I was playing Dark Side of the Moon. Most of the tracks blend into each other. You hear a break between tracks or sometimes an audible noise when going to the next track. This will happen when using DSD files, FLAC, or streaming from Tidal. If I use WASAPI or ASIO, I do not have this issue. I have had this issue happen on different PCs, also. Playing the track in Kernel mode, I have no issues with that. It sounds wonderful. It is just when switching to another track, there isn’t a seamless transition to the next track. This happens on anything I play

Thanks for all your help!!! I love the app!!! Been using it audirvana for a couple of years. I love the addition of Plays with Audirvana!!!

I do have the same problem using Audirvana Origin and an Ifi ZEN DAC Signature.
Only happens in Kernel mode and not in ASIO and WASAPI.

I have been able to reproduce this issue on my computer but Damien couldn’t so it’s computer depending unfortunately. Damien will take a look at this but this will require some development time so don’t expect this to be done really soon.

It seems to be an issue with the ifi ASIO driver and kernel mode. If I uninstall the ASIO driver and use the Windows driver in kernel mode it works fine. Then i lose WASAPI or ASIO playback.

WASAPI and Kernel streaming do not depend on an ASIO driver, because they are built in Windows. Without the iFi ASIO driver you should be able to use WASAPI (exclusive) and Kernel streaming in Windows with your iFi DAC also.

Yes, you are correct. But still have the issue if I have the ifi driver installed. It skips when moving to the next track.

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So I did some testing and it seems the ASIO driver IS interfering when using kernel streaming. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and uninstalled the ASIO driver. Anytime the driver is installed, kernel streaming gets interrupted when changing tracks. WASPI has no issues with the driver installed. Only kernel has the issue. I uninstall the driver and it works perfectly in Kernel mode.

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Hi @Tempusthales,

Interesting finding, I will check it out.