Kernel streaming mute sound…even if Audirvana is closed

Hello, everything is in the title. After playing some music in Audirvana, I close it but I cannot have any sound from my PC (Win 64 bits). I have to restart the PC. Is there any method to fix this without restarting the PC ?

Hello @lian00,

Do you have the same behavior if you use WASAPI instead of KS?

I use Kernel for the moment.

Sorry I meant Kernel

I just made a test - very quick - and sound was here after closing Audirvana. It may be relative to a long time playing so I begin another test :slight_smile:

It’s quite difficult to analyze where the problem comes from. I just listened to a title, closed Audirvana and no more sound for the other applications. But in some tests I made, I listened to multiple tracks without any problem after closing Audirvana.

It may be relative to my DAC - Fiio M11. If I unplug/plug it again, the sound comes back again.

Hi @lian00

Faulty cable possibly?