Keyboard Commands

Anyone have a list of basic keyboard commands? Navigating is just slow only using my mouse.

Hi @Hardisk70,

Are you using the Windows or MacOS version of Audirvāna Origin?

The latest Mac version

When you go on the menu, you should see the commands for reach section:


Play/Pause in my Origin app has no key assigned. Also, the 'command ; ’ doesn’t work.

Yeah but those are only super basic. This app needs more navigational keyboard controls for just getting around. Like web browsers have. When I select an artist, then an album, then a track, how do I back out to the album level or the artist level to select something else? Clicking the back arrow constantly is slow and cumbersome.

And there needs to be other commands like

S - opens the settings window
A - Jumps to Artist view

I’m sure there are others but these 2 are off the top of my head.

All “professional’ level software features extensive keyboard shortcuts and I think adding more functionality would make this app much easier to use.

Hi @reddog1,

Are you using the latest version of Audirvāna Origin?

I get what you are talking about, will need to talk about this with the team since I think it require a lot of adjustments in the code of the desktop app.


In the Apple menu, you do not see the keys or you see them in the menu but it doesn’t work?

In the play menu the play/pause hase no keystroke listed.
As for previous or next track I have no arrows on my keyboard, I tried the Laft / Right buttons, but these don’t work.

Can you post a screenshot like the one I made above?

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 15.53.29

Ok, that is interesting, which MacOS version are you using and which keyboard layout are you using? I would like to have the same on my side to reproduce your behavior.



I get the same menu. I am using a Logitech MX Mini keyboard with a 2018 Mac Mini.

Audirvana Origin 2.4.0 (20400)

macOS Version 13.6 (Build 22G120) with 16GB physical RAM
Connected account of : Michael Sacks

Mac mini 2018, Sonoma released tomorrow :grinning:
Latest Origin

I’ve got this album as vinyl. Love it. The two Chuck Berry songs are great.

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I will look at this with our other Mac with Catalina on it. If you try to change the keyboard layout, nothing change in the menu?

Changed to US layout, nothing in menu changed.