Keyboard Shortcuts?

I’ve been looking and can’t find anything about keyboard shortcuts. Do they exist? I’d like to skip tracks sometimes…

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A problem a few of us have with no solution yet. Keyboard media keys work for Tidal, iTunes etc but not for Audirvana. I like to listen in shuffle mode and need to skip tracks with a KB. Not fixed in latest update.

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Making it harder and harder to not switch to Roon…

Do you want to know the shortcuts for MacOS?

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I’m PC. Thanks though.

That would be great :slight_smile:

Yes please, for Mac OS. Thanks.

Hello @rmackay7 and @Blanka,

If you go in the different menu here:

You will be able to see every shortcuts on MacOS for Audirvana :slight_smile:

Thank you Damien. Is there any shortcut for “Search”?

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Hi Damien, Thanks for answering. I will try and work with this to see if I can integrate this into my handsfree music setup.
I currently have my music playing from 4 mac mini’s about the house. Two run Audirvana per the licence. I have 4 Logitech/ Harmony hubs and remote that controls each of the mac minis. For Tidal, iTunes and other apps the FF and rev work fine to skip forward and back, not so in Audirvana. I can tell Alexa to tell Harmony to FF and it does so in Tidal app. It may seem trivial but this handfree set is ideal for kitchen when hands are dirty. Also my wife has gotten used to the voice commands working and refuses to use Audirvana and went back to Tidal. I will buy another licence the moment I can get this working. Since Harmony maps a windows keyboard not sure I can make it work. Thanks.

Hi, For my PC keyboard, the Combo of Windows key and right arrow works for next track. Windows and left arrow for skip back. Doesn’t solve my specific issue yet but this may help you. Good luck.

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Hi again Damien, the keyboard shortcuts help me quite a bit but not 100%. I can’t map two keys to one key on my harmony setup so far. So I can’t use my voice control for next track like I can with Tidal because the FF on the keyboard Doesn’t work with Audirvana. So in my kitchen setup I have to press two keys to FF which is not great while cooking, doing dishes. Anyway my wife won’t use it until it works like Tidal. The moment this works like Tidal I will buy the second licence, sorry to whine but a big deal to me :grinning:

Already asked by someone else in July 2020 … can we get a keyboard shortcut for the search function? “Ctrl-F” would be amazing.

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