Kush UBK Plug-ins don't work anymore

I have a collection of DSP plug-ins such as Clariphonic II, Electra, Omega 458a, etc. These worked in previous versions of Audirvana+. I don’t remember when they stopped working, probably about a year ago. I have recently updated all of them to be Catalina compatible, yet none of them work in Audirvana 3.5.41. Why is that?

Btw, the same plug-ins do work in Windows 10 version of Audirvana (VST3). Yet, nether the AU, VST or VST3 plug-ins work in the Mac version. Please help, these plug-ins were not cheap.

Hello @Johnnystar,

Do you mean you can’t see the plugin in Audirvana or you can select it but can’t configure it?

None of them show up in the drop down menu. Audirvana doesn’t see them. Only the default Apple plugins show up.

Also, to be clear, the same plugins work fine in other Mac applications, such as Sound Studio.

EDIT: I have re-installed Audirvana+ 2.6.11 I can confirm that all the plugins also work there.

Are you using MacOs Catalina 15.7? We use a tool to determine if an audio unit plugin is compatible with the version of MacOS we use and it couldn’t find the Omega 458a plugin in the list which is quite odd since it is installed in the proper folder in MacOs.

I am using the latest version of Catalina. As I said, other applications, including the older Audirvana+, see the plugins and they can be configured and they work. It appears the problem is with Audirvana.

If the plugin works in Audirvana 2 this means taht it’s using the older version of the Apple version of the viewing controller of MacOs.

We use - (void)requestViewControllerWithCompletionHandler:(void (^)(AUViewControllerBase *viewController))completionHandler; when we start the plugin in Audirvana, this is where our crash started, are you using this Instance Method in your plugin?


I think you should talk about it with Kush as they are in charge of the development of the plugin.

Based on the information you provided, you must think I am a developer, I am not. Kush UBK plugins are professional plugins that musicians and producers use in various professional audio applications, on the Mac in Catalina. I use them as well. If it works in other applications, why would it not work in Audirvana?

Can you please update the way AU plugins are accessed in the next release of Audirvana, to also include the method Audirvana+ was using? It seems your current parameters are too strict.

Thank you

It’s not about being strict. The plugin manufacturer needs to adapt to the more recent framework from Apple that Audirvana also uses. The old method might be deprecated or no longer supported.

Thank you, but I don’t think so. I’ll wait for a response from Damien.

It’s exactly this, the plugin you are using is not adapted to the latest version framework of Apple. When you use the older version of Audirvana, it has been coded based on the older version of this framework, this is why you can see it in Audirvana 2 but not in 3.5 as we are constantly evolving the app when there is a new version of the framework.

I know you are not a developer, what I gave you in my previous message is what you need to say to Kush support team so they can transmit the information to the development team.

Ok, thanks. I already sent your info to Kush Audio and I am awaiting a response. I hope something can be done, but I’m not counting my chickens. :grin:

I am guessing that the reason they are using the older framework is to be compliant with older applications, because music studios don’t all religiously update their software. But it’s just a guess.

Hi, I finally was able to get a response from Kush Audio, which is pretty much what I had expected.

From Kush Audio: “I’ll be honest. I don’t think we’ve ever received any reports with Audirvana. In fact, I’ve never heard of that program until now. I have no idea what the devs use regarding the latest Apple framework. I can pass along your report to our dev but because it’s one report with a program that isn’t a DAW, I highly doubt it will be looked at. Kush plugins are developed to work in DAW’s. If they don’t work in other applications that can open plugins, it certainly will be very low priority of things Kush is working on.”

Oh well, I was able to enjoy these plug-ins for at least a little bit while they worked in older versions of Audirvana. It was good while it lasted. Now I feel a little bit like I’m stuck between two developers who are pointing fingers at one another, and there is nothing I can do about it. :joy:

Does this plugin have a free version available so we can try it? We have a software to try it apart form Audirvana.

This statement is a bit strange since if they do a Audio Unit plugin, every software (DAW or not) that can interact with Audio Unit should work with this plugin…

Yes, you can download one of their many fully functional demo plugins here:

It doesn’t work in Audirvana Studio.

I am reviving this issue because I am interested in possibly subscribing to AS. Thanks.

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