Lack of lower Frequencies compared to Tidal Official windows app

I just downloaded Tidal official windows app. Without any doubt there is more BASS (lower Frequencies) in the official app.
i’m sure everyone can notice that and hope that Audirvana will add lower Frequencies in the near future.

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no problems like that here. Must be a problem in your setup.

Hi nir!
Maybe Damien will prove me wrong, some day, but here’s my 2 cents.
Upsampling is adding values in the data, calculating intermediate points. This should be done and as it seems it is, in a clever way. The result is, even though there is no information added, the D to A process gives a smoother, more realistic sound signal. Many DACs or similar devices widen the frequency range of the analogue signal with rising frequency in the bit stream. Maybe you look this up in your instruction manual. The signal itself has no higher nore deeper frequency. But it is smoother and is processed with more care and attention :sunglasses:
Maybe one more thing to consider. If you own an upsampling DAC, my personal experience is not to use software upsampling.

Hallo Ihr lieben, habe auch Audirvana Plus für Windows seit 2 Tagen & bin enttäuscht, der Sound ist flach, es fehlt Volumen, sämliche Einstellungen haben nichts gebracht, es liegt nicht an den Einstellungen !!! Habe einen Dragonfly Red auf USB mit Jitterbug…

Dazu das Original Tidal (Hifi) ist wesentlich besser, mehr Volumen, mehr Dynamik !!! Höre jetzt wieder Tidal Original bis sich bei Audirvana was tut…leider ist das so wie es ist nicht zufriedenstellend !!!

Hello nir, thank you for your posting.

Have made your settings, it has not got much better. It sounds spatially but very flat, like a good kitchen radio about my Beyerdynamik t5 p (2nd) … When I switch Tidal Original, it’s worlds, more dynamics, higher bass foundation, more volume with the same spatiality. The settings have brought nothing … I have unfortunately bought Audirvana Plus immediately without testing it.


Hi Burdon!
Installed the beta? It’s way ahead, not finished but good. Seems it helped nir.


after somttime i’ve tested tidal official app again. the results are very clear:
tidal official app sound is more accurate. everything sounds in good proportion like its supposed to be.

audirvana sounds soother with larger stage but here are the downsides:
bass is flat and quite! (not present enough)

I agree they sound different here too, to my ears the differences are:

  • Loudness, the Tidal app sounds quite a bit louder than Audirvana. Being a recording/mixing engineer, I’ve also noticed this with records that I’ve worked on where the loudness is actually higher on the Tidal app than when listening to the actual master files from my working hard drives in Audirvana.

Now this could mean Tidal apply some limiting without telling you, or it could mean Audirvana lowers the volume (which I imagine could be useful to let some headroom for the additional processing it’s capable of).

  • Low end : I’ve also noticed the low end sounds much tighter on Audirvana, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on your listening system. From what I’ve noticed, it’s tighter in Audirvana than in any other application I could try here, and by other I mean the professional digital audio workstation I use when recording/mixing records (Pyramix, Samplitude, Protools, etc.). Maybe this is due to the optimizations on Audirvana’s side ?

Maybe Damien could shed a bit of light on this for us ?

Would really love to have some info from @Antoine on this subject… :slight_smile:

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