Laptop and cables break-in?

Hello! I just bought a new laptop and a new USB cable to connect Audirvana to my DAC. SONOS wasn’t great as a source, but this sounds really awful; the low is very bad. Any experience with break-in of laptop/cables? I have Tidal Hi-res, so it should not be the source.



Which laptop did you get? Can you poste the debug info here?

Hey! I have a Lenovo thinkpad L390 Yoga. The DAC is a Wells Audio Cipher, speakers are Martin Logan esl11a.

Using the ARC software (perfect bass kit),

It seems the low frequency had some distortion, for the frequency between 20-50 hz it’s now less but still there.

I only use Tidal, no NAS or local library.

What debugging would you suggest? Are there certain file format settings I can change, e.g. the DAC does not support MQA.

Thanks for the help!


Download few sampler files and experiment with local files.

You can disable MQA auto-detect and set it manually to “non MQA”.

I have used a couple of Audio USB cables between my Hp ELITE 800 and my Chord Qutest dac… Yes far better than a USB data cable… Yes I have found that about 30 hours works roughly for break in aurialy. There was a settling down period. Wether it was my brass ears settling down or the cable is probably another debate…