Laptop fan activates too often

I use Audirvana with Tidal and Qobuz streaming services on my ASUS GL503V Rog3 laptop. The laptop is only a couple of years old and I installed 16gb memory as well as a Samsung 960 Evo m.2 (NVME) 500gb solid state drive on which all my programs reside. Is there a way I can reduce or eliminate the number of times the laptop fan kicks on? I know Audirvana takes over the computer power for audio, its prime attribute, but it’s far more pleasing to listen to a quiet laptop. My OS is Windows 10.

If you are not upsampling, your computer should not be working, less than 10% cpu with Audirvana playing…

It’s the graphics card, which is idling by the way, that causes fans to spin.

Hello @Superkumar,

Are you using your computer in quiet mode or standard mode?

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