Large Album Art

It would be nice if there was a preference where, when listening to a track, the album art would automatically enlarge on screen. I don’t like the idea of using the slider since that affects all the pages that use the slider mechanism. I think it should be a preference since many people might not like it. It’s common functionality in most music software like Audirvana.

When you are at the big cover view, you can stretch that window to fill your screen vertically… Yes the bottom of the cover… the transport thing is WAY too big for nothing :slight_smile:
And the cover will change with the next song…


That works. A reasonable solution indeed, but it would be nice if you could just click on the artwork and it would display on screen enlarged instead of having to work at it so hard, but I’m just being picky I suppose. Thank you for this solution!

I agree, had asked before for that… since hd analyzer have its icon on the right of the transport, the tiny cover on the bottom left should be clickable and open at the user full screen height, with a tiny X to close it.

Best would be like the mini player and the big cover would change with the next song, maybe too much to ask :grinning:, but first option, clicking on small cover should be implemented…

Like what is done with the Remote app?


kinda similar, more friendly… not having to find to click on the 3 dots in the remote, then have to know, show album, then have to know click that cover will bring it full cellular size. like in picture, one click see big cover…

simplest way i guess, best would be hiding Audirvana at the same time cover is shown, not sure that option is the best ??

if you still see the software window under, no need to have an X just click on the window of audirvana brings out the big cover… if the cover is shown surrounded with black, then needs an X to close it ??

I see what ou are talking about. I need to talk about it with Damien.

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Oh, i didn’t notice that clicking on the cover now brings it full, cool,
better then going the 3 dots, show album… :slight_smile:

Just noticed that too. Beneficial. Still hoping for more streamlined approach. I am now noticing how crappy all my images are…lol. Thank you Antoine.

We have to look for a customer app tour when you first launch the app, as we have done in the desktop software. It is not ready at all yet but we hope to get it for the Remote at some point.

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