Large files not added to library

I’ve got some music files with file size above 2 GB. These files are not found by the scanning process and are not added to the library.

Is there a limitation? Is it possible to skip it?

PS: My largest file (Mahler, 3rd symphony, 1st movement, dsd256) is 5,24 GB

I just wanted to renew my request. Or is there no easy solution to this?


Did you ever get an answer to this question? I am having the same issues. I have an 8.8 megabyte file which is a DSD256 music performance with no breaks and it will not load into Audirvana.

Does anyone else have an answer?


I’m having the same issue, and others have reported it: my files that are larger than about 2 Gigs do not show up in my library. I would like to request a solution to this problem, please.

I’m in the same boat as you as well…