Latency suggestions

Hello Fellows,

my Audirvana System runs nearly perfectly on acer NB and Pioneer N70A Network Player. The Pioneer is limited to DSD 128, but plays (denoting at its display only DSD, without the rate) truly the DSD 256 upscaling (as a renderer). I prefer High Res FLACS.

Could you please tell me which latency rates are recommended, esp. for the ASIO driver? I have the problem that often, esp. when a bunch of short tracks are provided, that in the end of one track playing is interrupted and jumps straight to the beginning of the next track - immaterial wether it´s gapless or of distincted tracks.

Thanks a lot, Thorsten

Hello @farinelli why do you want to change such settings? You normally don’t have to change such settings.

Dear Damien,

I just found out the possibility to change the latency settings, so I was not aware it´s forbidden. Perhaps the tracks “jumping” to the next one before completely finished have nothing to do with the Audirvana latency settings.

Such are my settings:

Asio Driver Configuration - latency 4 ms

Low Level Options - max. space/ Cache for preloading 506 MB (12mn 31s bei 44,1 kHz)

large Asio Puffer - “on”

Bridge devices - additional latency etc: “not”

Perhaps you can tell me the original and therefore recommended settings.

regards, Thorsten