Later - will happily trial again, when improved

I’ve just de-installed AS in preference for my existing Audirvana 3.5.

I can’t hear the difference between the two for music stored on my NAS (although AS kept on having to reload my library as it thought the folder location had changed)

The subscription model might have worked for me if AS / Airable had been prepared to offer decent quality music streams - but the BBC radio 6 Music is 128kbs rather than the available 320kbs - The quality difference from my HDHomeRun BBC 6 music is staggering!

There are lots of niggles like the podcasts / reloads /slow performance.

If Audirvana offer more trials for previous purchasers at later point when the new product offers a material benefit, I’ll happily try it again.

In the meanwhile I have tried Pine and Foobar2000 on the Mac - Pine via upsampling and a decent DAC is very comparable. Although both have weaknesses (and strengths) compared to A3.5.
And Plex library management is at least as good

If Audirvana offer an upgrade path, that will be wonderful and I will keep on purchasing - if not I will continue to evaluate and use the alternatives too

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