Latest news on remote; it is now available for iOS

We do care, in the (Audirvana) community!

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It’s coming. Before the end of your trial. Says it right here.

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What is the origin of this screenshot?
My trial ends in three days, but I did not get such message…

He is just kidding with you…this is the real one…(photo)

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I need one that goes round corners and through walls , tell me when you find a good source :joy::joy::joy:

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… through the wall will stil be a problem… But i’m sure there will be an update soon!

(Just kidding, seriously loving audirvana)

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I think Damien has got a proposal from Roon to hire him to make a new software " :triumph: :woozy_face:Roonaudirvan"

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Ok I’m thinking scrap the stick idea and find a time machine. Then we can go to 2023 and remote will be released. :wink:
Seriously though, I’m loving the AS experience. Been a user since version 0. Never even bothered trying the competition. Come on Damien, you need to give your Marketing and Communications team a kick up the bum. They are letting you down.


I can’t subscribe without remote

…and you are right to do not so… I use Audirvana without remote. Reason is because the remote constantly searched for connection with the core… very annoying and make me wanting to trow the remote against the wall… Bad idea.
So now i don’t use it anymore on 3.5 and i hope so much that the new remote will do his thing on studio.
The problem is that i have to find out if it is audirvana or the laptop was causing the problem. That’s the thing with audirvana; you never know.
Still audirvana is bringing me great joy to my ears…a big plus dor audirvana.

I agree with you with remote on Audirvana 3.5 but i don’t know the process on Audirvana Studio.
Let see…


Hello @SteveE, I had to edit your post title since the iOS update of the remote is available…

Who told you the Remote update for Studio has been cancelled?

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No one did Damien, no one.
Great news about the remote!

well done, it the good décision.

Can I use the android version of Remote app to control AS on MacBookPro?

As explained in the recent release details there is no Android version of the ‘new’ remote app yet.
You can use the ‘old’ Android remote to operate v3.5 (or whatever it is), or you can use the newly released iOS remote to control both AS and v3.5 (though not at the same time, obviously).
But you cannot use the old Android remote to control AS.

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Sorry, my question was not precise enough: If the new android version of remote app will be available, can I use it to control the AS on a Mac (different systems)?

Yes, any remote can control any version.

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