Latest win Version & Mathaudio RoomEQ

mathaudio RoomEQ in version 2.72 still doesn’t work with Audirvana on windows.
RoomEQ works in all other applications like Reaper, cubase…only in Audirvana
RoomEQ 2.72 is activated, no sound can be elicited. This is since 2.70.
The problem is now almost a year old and it looks like it’s an Audirvana problem.
I already wrote to Mathaudio several times.
They say that Audirvana simply doesn’t react.

same Problem here. jRiver works fine but in Audirvana there is no sound when I activate RoomEQ.
It would be nice if that could be fixed.

Yes, it seems it is an Audirvana bug. RoomEQ works in reaper, Cubase, jRiver etc.

I need RoomEQ, otherwise I can’t use Audirvana in windows.

@Damien please have a look

Tried to load RoomEQ via plugin Chainer like Blue cat’s patchwork 2.4
I can select Blue.cats patchwork but when trying to configure, the gui does not load.
So, another vst plugin that does not work properly in Audirvana.

In Reaper I did load patchwork, the gui starts and loaded RoomEQ and configured this as default.

Now I started Audirvana and selected Blu cat’s Patchwork again. To my surprise Patchwork seems
to work with RoomEQ as default.
A work around…