Launch Audirvana full screen at startup

Seeing as Audirvana is an unusually coded application on Windows, how would one open Audirvana full screen when it is set to launch in the Windows 10 ‘startup folder’? I have been looking for hours on how to do this but still have not found a resolution.

My HTPC is only used to run Audirvana, it basically runs this application in Kiosk mode.

Hello @Mesonto,

What are you talking about? You mean that Audirvana open in a window instead of being in full screen?

Yes, Audirvana opens in a “not so” normal window, but I wish to open it in full screen because it is the only app running on my windows 10 machine. I have dedicated an entire Intel NUC to just to run Audirvana as my music server… (it is stripped bare of apps and extra background processes)

On a side note: it looks as though Audirvana on the PC side was coded to imitate a MAC OS app, and because of this ‘uniqueness’ it is more difficult to do some default things with it.

None-the-less, it sounds utterly fantastic when the OS is stripped of background tasks, even more so than Roon, hence why I bought Audirvana.

Audirvana on Windows 10 may have the same layout as the MacOs version but it’s the only thing in common with the MacOs version.

Can you make some screenshots of the “not so” normal window?

I do realize that it is coded different of course, but it is not the standard windows program the way it is saved, its placement, it’s interface, etc.

What I mean by the not so normal window is that it does not have the regular Windows OS resize buttons.

Really all I want is a way to open it full screen when I start it in my list of startup apps. (it is the only app I run, it is the computer’s only purpose) Can I do this with your app?

The resize button may have a different view that the regular one from Windows but it has the same purpose, if you click on this button:

Capture d’écran 2021-02-09 155823

Audirvana will be in full screen and will stay as it is until you click on it again. Is this what you were talking about?

All I want is to be able to open Audirvana full screen on launch as this is the only application I use on my music server.

It opens this way (and by the way the maximize button doesn’t work right off the bat either):

I would like it to be full screen:

I think that is as clear as I can be.

Weird problem.
I’ve always had Audirvana set to open on startup on my W10 laptop, and it’s always opened full-screen.

If you maximise the Audirvana window (and simply leave it maximised) does it not open maximised again the next time it starts up?
This is the behaviour I am used to with pretty much all of the programs I use.

Have you tried any other programs on this machine?
How do they behave with regard to the maximise/restore window sizes?

Just in case the simple option might be the right answer.

Right click the Startup folder in the start menu. Click ‘Open’ or ‘Open All Users’ so you can see the Audirvana icon. Right click the Audirvana icon and click ‘Properties’. On the ‘Shortcut’ tab, ensure that the ‘Run’ option shows ‘Maximised’. Change if necessary.

That should work. It does for me.

Maximizing before shut down does not work. All other programs work.

I am using Windows 10, and there’s no Audirvana in my startup folder. Instead it starts automatically in Windows Settings , Apps , Startup. And from here there’s no options to set it up maximized to the full screen. In fact Audirvana doesn’t even show up in the startMenu folder in which the startup folder is contained.

And as far as I can tell I can’t find an Audirvana.exe app because of the way is programmed… If I could I could launch it as a normal app, I could have it maximized like you are suggesting. But the only Audirvana.exe file I find is a text file hidden within the Windows directory structures.

What I wouldn’t give for Audirvana, to be installed like any other program in the programs directory. I guess this is the new type of Windows 10 universal app… And it doesn’t contain a single executable file. To which I could easily maximize it upon lunch. Now I can only set it to auto start.

The difference will be that I am using Classic Shell so I do have a startup folder. I think this is a red herring though. On further testing I find that Audirvana is NOT starting maximised because the shortcut is set to do so, t is Maximised because it was left that way when last closed. On full restart it is behaving as you described so there is s a problem. Apologies for the misleading info.

No problem… I knew what I had. And I just thought you had an older version of WIndows or Audirvana. Audirvana has some quirks still in its infancy, I have reported more than a few, one has been resolved so far and the others will come in time. Really hoping that the next version of this fine application adds a lot of functionality and that some of these issues will be permanently gone.

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