I like much of Audirvana Origin. Audirvana has an elegant look, and I realize it has to be a server as well as a library. One thing I miss is a column layout; or a layout like Songs in iTunes, with the artwork, album title, and list of tracks, etc, in a row. I think the next couple of updates should focus on the library side; not every user is more interested in the technical side, though they want that to work. But if we have to give up iTunes, we need to be tempted. You’re doing great work; just now focus on making it as simple as possible. Thank you.

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Hi @Terence,

something like this?

Yes, I found this but with a very large library, it makes a very long scrolL A browser bar as in Apple or Swinsian is very useful for large libraries. In the Audirvana screen shot, the artwork needs to be bigger, and not repeated with every track…more like Songs view in Apple. Thank you.

So, you are saying that to be tempted away from iTunes. Audirvāna should be more like iTunes….

Maybe, you could try the ‘Folder View’
i think the best try you can do is to forget Apple ‘Music’
Why add a software running into another software :slight_smile:

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